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  Fusion and Change: Ye Hongxing's Role as an Artist
by Ellen Manning

Ye Hongxing employs traditional Chinese motifs and modern elements in her Fusion series. She expresses a unique vision by combining the traditionally Western medium of oil paint together with Chinese porcelain decorative patterns. Her paintings are very alluring self-portraits in which her face, with eyesclosed, appears behind bright winding floral patterns. Composed of shades of grey, her facial expression is of particular significance. As the artist is very concerned with the juxtaposition of “peace and luxury”, one can detect a tranquil or almost mundane emotion in her gaze. In contrast to using somber tones, the vibrant colors and exquisite composition of flowers and vines elicit the feeling of luxury. Consequently, her work seems to embrace a duality of notions: realism and visionary. The artist claims that Fusion is her reaction to the “swift change of China’s social system”. Perhaps this is Ye Hongxing’s way of negotiating her role as an artist in contemporary China. Accordingly, she articulates fusion and change simultaneously in her work. By doing so, the artist conceptualizes a burgeoning theme in contemporary Chinese art. As the rapid pace of change in modern China shapes a new generation of thought and expression, her position as a young artist is very important. She is part of an exciting movement that will undoubtedly mark the history of art.

In addition to being a well-qualified artist, receiving a Master’s Degree from China’s top art academy, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, Ye Hongxing is also very experienced. In 2006, Ye Hongxing was selected as one of the top 20 young emerging painters in China at the Dragonair Emerging Chinese Artist Awards (DECAA); jury members of the show included the Director of Art Cologne and the Curator of the Asian Art Museum in California. Since then, Ye Hongxing has exhibited internationally, including at the world famous Art Cologne exposition in Germany and in Miami, Florida. The work of Ye Hongxing is avant-garde yet it expresses soul and sensitivity. It is worth mentioning that Ye’s paintings have also been so successful internationally because they are simply beautiful.


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